Affiliate Earning Potential

Utilizing affiliate strategies can prove to be very profitable for our affiliates. As a Sigma affiliate, you may have asked yourself, “How much can I earn through this program?” The key to success is simple; we provide you with the tools you need, you just need to take advantage of the information and find out what works best for you.

Are you looking to increase your earning potential? Here are 5 suggestions that could increase your monthly earnings:

  1. Share your link on a consistent basis. The only way to generate a sale is by having someone click on your link and make a purchase. Therefore, it is impossible to create a sale without sharing your affiliate link. Be sure to post a current banner to your blog and add your affiliate link to your blog posts. If you have a YouTube channel, you can place your link in the “About Me” section and in your video info box. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are also a great places to promote your affiliate link. Remember, the more you share your link, the more likely you are to get a sale. Click here to learn how to generate your link.
  2. Mention the Sigma products you use. Repetition and consistency is the key to increase your commissions! Make sure you always mention the Sigma products you are using in your videos and blog posts. Your audience is more likely to click on your affiliate link if you talk about the products and the brand on a consistent basis.
  3. Deep-linking. This simple and very effective strategy has been proven to increase sales! When you create deep-links using your affiliate link, you will lead your followers directly to a specific product page instead of the Sigma homepage. We recommend deep-linking each time you mention a Sigma product in a review, tutorial or post. When you bring your customers directly to the product information they want, you are doubling your chances of making a sale. To learn more about deep-linking, click here!
  4. Share all Sigma promotions and launches. Though you may not be able to make a new blog post or video every time Sigma has a new product or coupon code, you can use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to promote a new product or share the latest coupon code. This is a great way to keep your followers “in the know” and is a little more casual and less intrusive than a dedicated blog post or video. You can find new product information on our blog and Twitter (@Sigma_Affiliate).
  5. Take advantage of the information we provide. We are constantly updating you with our newest promotions, launches and strategies!

Want to increase your average order value? Here is a quick tip: While individual brushes are great and offer versatility, the price point is much lower. Instead, recommend brush kits, which contain a few of the brushes you mentioned.

Try to experiment with different ways to share your affiliate link! You might be surprised with the results!

If you have questions about the specific strategies you are using and would like to improve your sales, please contact

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  1. Hi! My name is Kamea and I was just very curious for your products because I’m really looking for a good brand to affiliate with and sigma was one of my top choices and I would really love to help promote your products and join your community (: please let me know what you think thank you!

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