Ethereal Radiance Launch Details

AF_BP_Ethereal_01From subtle color-shifting neutrals, duo-chrome brights, to head on glitter: it’s all about celebrating the season in-style. The most festive time of year calls for the most jaw dropping variety.

Sets of loose shimmers and glitters are the starting point of any shimmer loving look, ranging from neutral to ball dropping glam. Use them anywhere from your eyes, lips to nail look.

Lip options are bold and ready for a good time. Lip bases in saturated strong and deep hues can be glossed up with Lip Switch for a transformative effect.

Loose Shimmer and Glitter Sets – $30 each

AF_BP_Ethereal_02Shimmer Cream – $16 each

AF_BP_Ethereal_03Lip Switch – $14 each

AF_BP_Ethereal_05Lip Base – $12 each

AF_BP_Ethereal_06Brush Set – $76 each

AF_BP_Ethereal_04Be the ice queen of a chilly evening soiree, or the shimmer baby by the fire. The magic of the holographic effect is exemplified in this collection of products that offer modern ethereal glamour to all.

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Fall Softly Details

AF_BP_FallSoftly1Dazzle your subscribers with a new shift on traditional fall colors. The Fall Softly Collection contains 11 products featuring modern pastels and unexpected pink hues. All products are available individually and feature 3 brand-new lip bases that are new to the Sigma product line. Keep reading for full collection details and images:

Fall Softly Eye Shadow Palette – $39

AF_BP_FallSoftly2The Fall Softly Eye Shadow Palette includes twelve buttery pink shades created to bring forth a cozy, cashmere chic feeling transformed into a soft, effortless stare.

Lip Vex – $10 each

AF_BP_FallSoftly3The Individual Lip Vex Collection was designed to complement any look desired. All lip-glosses contain an opaque, smooth and creamy finish.

Blush – $12 each

AF_BP_FallSoftly4The Individual Blush Collection features a versatile assortment of shades and finishes for any skin tone. Each blush has a rich pigmentation, blend-able wear.

Lip Base (NEW!) – $12 each

AF_BP_FallSoftly5The Lip Base Collection features a versatile assortment of large pencils that can be worn alone as a matte, long-wearing lip product or under another product as a base to amplify the overall lip look.

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Fall Softly Category

Fall Softly Eye Shadow Palette

Lip Vex:


Lip Base


AF_9_29_blog-headerThe 3DHD™ Kabuki and Precision brushes are unlike anything else available on the market. Get to know 3DHD™ now before the official launch on October 6!

AF_9_29_blog-imageThe 3DHD™ Kabuki and 3DHD™ Precision are multifunctional brushes engineered to perfection. The Kabuki was uniquely designed for all areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle. The Precision was uniquely designed for smaller areas of the face.

Key Product Features:

Ridge: The functional ridge at the top of the brush has the perfect angle to apply liquid, cream or powder products into all creases of the face (sides of nose, smile lines, chin crease)

Double wedge flat surface: Allows application of liquid, cream or powder products on flat or slightly curved areas of the face in two simple steps. First, apply product using one side of the wedge, then use the second (clean) side of the brush to smooth the surface and eliminate any streaks.

Point: The sharp point of the brush can be used for highly precise application of cream, liquid and powder products. The point allows products to be perfectly applied in the under eye area and around the mouth.

Dimensions and density of fibers: The dimensions of the brush head were developed to provide fast product application, while the density of the fibers allow for buffing products onto the skin. The fine fibers allow for coverage of skin pores.

Key Selling Points:

• All-in-one brush (multifunctional)

• Maximum coverage

• Part of the Sigmax® collection

• Perfect for applying product in every crease, corner and angle of the face

• No other brush like it in the beauty industry

• Available in black, pink or white


• 3DHD™ Kabuki $24

• 3DHD™ Precision $19


• 3DHD™ Kabuki:

• 3DHD™ Precision $19:

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Sigma Girl: Color Pop Collection Details

AF_BP_SigmaGirl_1We’re excited to introduce you to Sigma Girl, a Sigma Beauty sub-brand targeted towards the younger generation and beginners in makeup. We’re all about bringing feminine, bright and fun makeup collections for the everyday beauty lovers and trendsetters alike. Sigma Girl is confident, beautiful and inspires girls around the world.

We’re kicking off our brand with a dose of color, also known as the Color Pop Collection:

Color Pop Makeup Kit: $29 EACH

Add a dose of color into your life with the Color Pop Makeup Kit including pops of vibrantly sweet shades ranging from matte to shimmer for the girls who want to refresh and brighten their makeup look. Each kit includes: 2 eye shadows, 1 halo dust, 1 spotlight powder and 1 lip gloss.

AF_BP_SigmaGirl_22 Eye Shadows: Wink, Sprout

1 Halo Dust: Squeaky Green

1 Spotlight Powder: Sweet Thing

1 Lip Gloss: It Girl


AF_BP_SigmaGirl_Peach2 Eye Shadows: Tangy, Fresh

1 Halo Dust: Juicy

1 Spotlight Powder: Sweet Thing

1 Lip Gloss: Saucy


AF_BP_SigmaGirl_Plum2 Eye Shadows: Organza, Ruffle

1 Glimmer Dust: Tutu

1 Spotlight Powder: Sweet Thing

1 Lip Gloss: Curtsy


Color Pop Brush Kit $29:


Brush your way to beautiful with 3 essential brushes perfect to pair with the Color Pop Makeup Kits. Included in Kit:

E25 – Blending

E55 – Eye Shading

F40 – Contour


*Each makeup kit + brush kit can be purchased together for $49. Deep-Links to each set:

AF_BP_SigmaGirl_3Sugar Plum:

Pretty in Peach:

So Jaded:

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NEW! Steady Glow Collection

Aff_8-25_SteadyGlow_Launch1Unleash your inner beach goddess with the new Steady Glow Collection featuring an array of brightening and bronzing products that will make you shimmer and shine!


Brilliant & Spellbinding – Eye Shadow Palette $39

Aff_8-25_SteadyGlow_Launch2Includes twelve toasty-bronze shades created to achieve a sun-lit, shimmery glow and beach goddess effect. Paraben-free.


Lip Vexes $10

Aff_8-25_SteadyGlow_Launch3 The Individual Lip Vex Collection was designed to complement any look desired. All lip glosses contain an opaque, smooth and creamy finish. Paraben-free.


Inner Rim Brighteners $9

Aff_8-25_SteadyGlow_Launch4The Inner Rim Brightener is a soft and creamy kohl liner that will instantly enhance the eye. Paraben-free.



Loose Shimmers – $12

Aff_8-25_SteadyGlow_Launch6The Loose Shimmer is a powder product that can be used as a shadow on the eyes, for facial highlighting or be mixed with your lip gloss. The shimmer is dimensional and loose to create an ethereal effect.  Paraben-free.


Shimmer Creams – $16

Aff_8-25_SteadyGlow_Launch5 The Shimmer Cream is a versatile product that can be used as a brightener anywhere on the face.  Paraben-free. *Shimmer Cream is not intended for use on immediate eye area.


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Golden Fox Sneak Peek


AF_BP_8-20_SteadyGlow_GoldenFox_AThis week we are giving you an inside look at the upcoming Steady Glow Collection with a sneak peek of the 3 sets that will be available within the collection. Here is the final set, Golden Fox. This set is well-suited for darker skin tones to achieve a deep bronzed glow.


Included in Golden Fox:

  •         Brilliant & Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette
  •         Midsummer – Loose Shimmer
  •         Sultry – Shimmer Cream
  •         Polished – Inner Rim Brightener
  •         Dazzling – Lip Vex

*All products included in each set will also be sold individually

Also, check out the Joy Ride and Shooting Star set. The Steady Glow Collection will be available on on Monday, August 25!


Shooting Star Sneak Peek

AF_BP_8-22_SteadyGlow_ShootingStar_AEarlier this week we showed you the first of 3 sets available in the Steady Glow Collection.  If you missed Joy Ride, check it out here.

Today, we are excited to announce the second set, Shooting Star. This set is ideal for creating a classic summer glow!


Included in Shooting Star:

  •       Brilliant & Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette
  •       Ravishing – Loose Shimmer
  •       Brilliant – Shimmer Cream
  •       Unclouded – Inner Rim Brightener
  •       Vivid – Lip Vex

*All products included in each set will also be sold individually

Don’t miss the preview of the final set announced on Friday. The Steady Glow Collection will be available on on Monday, August 25!

Joy Ride Sneak Peek

AF_BP_8-18_SteadyGlow_JoyRide_AThe Steady Glow Collection features 3 sets to showcase different levels of bronzing and brightening. Each set will include 1 eye shadow palette, 1 loose shimmer, 1 shimmer cream, 1 inner rim brightener and 1 lip vex retailing at $68 (while supplies last). Here is a sneak peek of Joy Ride, perfect for a girl next door glow!


Included in Joy Ride:

  • Brilliant & Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette
  • Superb – Shimmer Cream
  • Steady Glow – Lip Vex
  • Final Touch – Inner Rim Brightener
  • Gilded – Loose Shimmer

*All products included in each set will also be sold individually

Stay tuned for 2 more sneak peeks later this week. The Steady Glow Collection will be available on Monday, August 25!