Make the most out of your Sigma products

Whether you are just beginning your Sigma collection or already own many of our products, there may be times you need inspiration on how to promote your Sigma products. Are you a brand new affiliate who just received your first Sigma products? Have you received our newest press kit and are unsure of how to promote it? Or are you looking for creative ways to feature the Sigma products you already own?

You can create more than four consecutive videos or posts using the products you already have! Here are several ways to get the most out of the Sigma products you own and keep your viewers engaged:

  1. Haul – Start with a haul. Feature the products you recently received or purchased along with the other items you are planning to feature.
  2. Makeup Tutorials – Create a tutorial using the products. Tip: Name the products as you use them.
  3. Favorites – Feature your current favorite Sigma product in your Favorites video. Tip: If you only have a couple of products, make sure to focus on one specific product. You can save your other favorite products for a future video.
  4. Review – Review your favorite product! Tip: Your audience is going to want to know the full details, such as product features, specific uses, benefits, and price. Tip: Give your honest opinion!
  5. Repeat 2, 3 and 4! Makeup Tutorials are always a great way to promote your Sigma products. Tip: Repetition and consistency is the key to increase your commissions!

This sequence will show your audience that you have tried and tested the products before featuring them in a favorites post or review, and will make your opinion that much more valuable.

When posting your video or blog post, it is important to provide your affiliate tracking link, current promotions, and deep-links to the products you featured.  Simply uploading a banner to your blog or posting your affiliate tracking link on your social media sites will not help your commissions. Make sure to provide your audience with consistent content and information on Sigma products.

Would you like to receive new products?  Our Rewards Program offers affiliates the opportunity to earn cash bonuses and Sigma gift certificates in addition to their 10% commission. Have questions? Email and we will be happy to help. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@Sigma_Affiliate) for monthly affiliate-only giveaways and up to date affiliate news!

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