Freshly Baked + Glowing Collection

Who said a full face needs to be heavy? Keep your look light and long lasting with the Freshly Baked & Glowing Collection. We’ve seen tried-and-true, professional baking and highlighting techniques become wearable trends for every beauty-lover, and we created the tools for you to pull off the look in a way that looks fresh, luminous and flawless all day. Each of the five brushes is designed to perfectly set, sweep and strobe the skin for a youthful effect. Get creative with the multi-use brush set, soon to be your favorite tools for setting, highlighting and beyond.

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F06 Powder Sweep™ Brush


The F06 Powder Sweep™ Brush is designed to apply and sweep away setting powder. The small, fluffy face brush is the perfect size for use under the eye, below the cheek and on the forehead to dust away powder with precision. You will also love this SigmaTech® tool for bronzer or blush.


F42 Strobing Fan™ Brush


The F42 Strobing Fan™ Brush features short, soft and dense SigmaTech® fibers. The highlighting brush is designed to flawlessly apply and diffuse powder and cream products on the cheekbone, down the nose, above the lip and at the center of the forehead. This strobing tool will quickly become a staple in your everyday look.


F79 Concealer Blend Kabuki™ Brush


The F79 Concealer Blend Kabuki™ Brush is a small, tapered brush designed to apply and blend concealer and color-correcting formulas. Use a patting or stippling motion to perfect application under the eye or on the face. Use with cream, liquid or powder to the skin.


F89 Bake Kabuki™ Brush


The F89 Bake Kabuki™ Brush has a deeply-angled brush head with a flat edge at the top, designed to press on setting powder. Use the edge to get close under the eye or to define angles of the face. PRO Tip: Spritz the fibers with water before picking up product for extra control to prevent fall-out. You will also love this brush for foundation and contour application.


P89 Bake Precision™ Brush


The P89 Bake Precision™ Brush is a deeply-angled brush with a flat edge at the top for pressing on setting powder in hard to reach areas. This is the smaller version of the F89 Bake Kabuki™. This brush also applies concealer and contour perfectly.


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