Affiliate Marketing for YouTube

Many of our affiliates use YouTube as their preferred marketing source. YouTube offers a variety of options for marketing Sigma and we are going to explain some different strategies you can utilize to increase affiliate sales and gain subscribers.

About Me Section

One way to increase affiliate account activity is to include your tracking link under the “About” section of your YouTube channel, along with any other social platforms you use. Watch the video below to learn how to utilize this strategy.

Once your links are applied, the buttons will automatically show up in your “About” section, as well as your cover photo.

Video Description

After your channel is set up and you are ready to begin uploading videos, you will want to add your affiliate link to the video description.

When using a Sigma brush in a video, make sure to verbally mention the brush name to your viewers and list it in the description box. Being very specific with your viewers can greatly increase your chance of a sale and will help clear up any questions they may have (don’t forget to deep-link)!

Video Tips

When it comes to the videos themselves, make sure to keep them short and entertaining. Depending on the video content, like a tutorial for example, your video may run a little longer, but try to keep videos less than 10 minutes to keep your viewers attention. With all the YouTube videos out there today, it is important to make yours stand out. If possible, upload videos with high quality sound and display.

One final tip is to SHARE your videos on all your social media platforms! Getting the word out about your videos is the best way to increase views. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform listed below, you can simply share your video using the Share feature on YouTube.

We hope these strategies can help you become a successful affiliate on YouTube! Whenever posting affiliate links, make sure to disclose this to your viewers. You can read more about this here.

As always, please feel free to contact the Sigma Affiliate Team with any questions you have at

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