Social Media Strategies

Using Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote your affiliate tracking link is a great way to increase your earnings and keep your followers updated on the latest Sigma products, sales and promotions. By utilizing your social media sites, you will expand your presence and drive traffic to your website. More traffic means an increased opportunity to generate affiliate sales!

Here are some suggestions on how to use different social media platforms to promote your link:


The best way to promote and share your affiliate tracking link on Instagram is by adding the link in your bio description. When uploading a picture or Instavid that includes Sigma products, make sure to tag @SigmaBeauty and use hashtag #SigmaBeauty and share which specific products you used. Tagging Sigma and using the hashtag greatly increases your chance of us seeing your look which could be featured on the Sigma Beauty social media accounts. Don’t forget to let your followers know that they can click on the link in your bio to shop on the Sigma website.

Tip: Share the monthly discount code to secure the sale!

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A Facebook Fan Page is an easy way to promote your link. You can upload your own picture or video, and even share a picture from our Sigma Fan Page, simply add your link when posting to your page.

Tip: Make sure to add your affiliate link in the About section of your page so it is always available to your followers.

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Don’t let the 140 characters fool you! Twitter is another platform where you can share your link. If you create a shortened URL, you can include text and even a picture. Check out our Sigma Affiliate Twitter page for inspiration.

Tip: Shorten your video URLs and share them too!

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Here are a few examples of ways to promote your link on your social media sites:

  • Makeup Looks. Name the specific products you use!
  • Product Reviews. Create a deep-link to the specific product or collection!
  • Sales, Promotions and Product Launches. Keep your followers in the know!

You can use images from our Affiliate Blog and Sigma website; just make sure to credit Sigma by including: Photo Credit:

Because the only way to earn commissions is to promote your affiliate link, it’s important to share it on more than one platform to increase your earning potential.

Do you have additional questions or would like help with a specific strategy? Please email and we will be happy to help!

Writing Product Reviews to Increase Sales

There are many ways to promote your Sigma affiliation, but one of the most effective ways to do this is through a review. While we are unable to provide complimentary products to all of our affiliates, that does not mean you are restricted from making a purchase on your own to review. Individual brushes can be purchased for $10-20 USD. It’s most economical to purchase brushes in kits, but we realize not everyone can afford to purchase a whole kit.
If you are serious about strengthening your affiliation with Sigma and increasing earning potential, purchasing a brush to review would greatly increase your chances of securing a sale. Followers will be more apt to listen to a first-hand review written in your own words, rather than a generic picture and website description.