Affiliate_FAQThe Sigma Affiliate Team receives many questions daily. We want to share our most frequently asked questions with you. Make sure to bookmark this post and check back before submitting a question, as it may be answered below!

Affiliate Account Questions

1. How do I login to my affiliate account?

The log-in for your affiliate account can be found here.

2. Where do I find my affiliate/tracking link?

Your affiliate/tracking link can be found by logging into your account on Impact Radius. On your dashboard, you will see “Tracking Link Generator”. From there you can copy your personal tracking link to share with your followers!


3. Where can I find banner ads?

Banner ads can be found on your Impact Radius dashboard under “Ads”. You can filter ad types by clicking the drop-down menu “Ad Type”. You can also search for specific ads by using the search bar:

Ads4. How do I obtain deep-links?

Deep-links to all of our products can be found on the Impact Radius dashboard under Ad Type > Text Links. Visit this page to learn more about deep-linking.

TextLink_DeepLink_Paint5. Do you provide a product feed?

Yes. Our product feed can be found under Ads.

9. Where can I find any news or updates on the program?

Important affiliate program information will be listed under “Notifications” at the top of your dashboard. Product launch information, events and other important Sigma Beauty announcements can still be found on the Sigma Affiliate Blog and Sigma Affiliate Newsletter. If you do not currently receive the Sigma Affiliate Newsletter, simply email affiliate@sigmabeauty.com and request to be added.

10. I made a sale! Where do I find my stats?

You can view a summary of your stats on your dashboard under “Snapshot”. This summary can be filtered to view different periods of time. Simply click the drop-down menu in the upper right corner to adjust the dates.

You can also view your reports by visiting the Reports drop-down menu found in the upper right corner of your dashboard. You can view specific reports tailored to the information you would like to see. Explore the different reports to get to know what information is most important to you:



1. When will I be paid?

Payments will be released on the 6th of every month. If the 6th falls on a weekend or holiday, they will be released the next business day.

Depending on your payment preference, a minimum of $50-100 USD must be reached to receive payment.

2. What is a “lock period”?

A lock period is an allotment of time to allow for order processing and returns. The lock period will occur the 1st through the 5th of every month and commissions will be paid for the previous month once the lock period is complete.

For example, June commissions will be tracked from June 1-30. From July 1-5, orders will be monitored for cancellations and returns. After July 5th, all orders will be locked and cannot be altered. Once the orders have locked, you will receive your affiliate payments for June.

3. How will I get paid?

Impact Radius offers many different payment options. Indicate your payment preference by logging into your account and using the top navigation menu to go to Get Paid > Withdrawal Settings. You will also be prompted to enter your bank information under the To Do section of your dashboard if you do not have a payment option listed.

4. How do I know if I was paid?

Use the top navigation menu to go to Finance > Payment History. The status of your payment will be shown as Paid.

5. We get many questions about your Tax ID/SSN. Here are some of the most common:

  • What is an EIN / SSN number?
    An Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number, is for US citizens and permanent residents and is required for tax purposes. Since you will be earning commission from Sigma, we will need to report any earnings over a certain amount.
  • I’m not a US citizen, what do I put in the field?
    If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident of the US, please enter your country’s local equivalent to an EIN/SSN.
  • Is it safe to enter?
    Yes! Your EIN/SSN is used for tax purposes and to help identify fraud.

6. Additional information regarding payments through Impact Radius can be found here.

General Questions

1. Do I receive a discount since I am an affiliate?

At this time we do not offer any special discounts or codes to be used exclusively by affiliates. Affiliate VIP’s receive a 20% discount for personal use. Read more about the Affiliate VIP program here.

2. Do I need to be a specific age to join the Sigma Affiliate Program?

We have no minimum age requirement, although we do ask that you receive permission from your parent or guardian if you are under 18, as you will need to provide a Tax ID or Social Security Number.

3. Can I use my own link to purchase products for myself or others?

You cannot order products using your own affiliate link. According to our Terms and Conditions, you may not use your own link to make purchases. We monitor accounts daily and take this matter very seriously. If we find out you have been using your own link to make purchases, your account may be terminated. Any orders placed under your own link will be immediately reversed and you will not be paid commission on those orders.

4. How can I be an affiliate if I don’t own any Sigma products?

All affiliates are provided with a welcome gift upon acceptance to the program. There are many ways to utilize the welcome gift and start seeing sales. This blog post explains how to make the most out of your Sigma products.

We provide you with all the necessary tools on the Sigma Affiliate blog to help you create a great blog post even if you don’t own the product yourself. You are welcome to use any of the photos and information we share as well as the product descriptions and images from the official Sigma website.

Our blog also provides you with information on discounts and promotions, free gifts and product launches, all of which could make for a great blog post! Keep in mind there is a big difference between a review in which you would need the product and an informational post for your readers.

5. How can I increase sales?

There are numerous ways you can increase sales. The most important is to make sure your affiliate link is visible on your social media sites. Your affiliate link is the only way you can earn commission. For more customized tips, contact an Account Manager who will review your social media sites and give you personalized tips for success!

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