Payment Information

Receiving your monthly affiliate commission is a very important part of being a Sigma Affiliate. The following information will help you receive your payments on time, and clarify any questions you have regarding our payment process.

Sigma affiliates receive 10% commission for every sale generated by a new customer through their affiliate link. Sigma Beauty uses a third party, Impact Radius, to handle all affiliate tracking and payments.

Affiliate commission payments are made automatically at the beginning of every month when your account balance reaches the required minimum for the previous month’s transactions. Depending on your payment method selection, there are monthly minimums needed to be met in order to be paid. Here are the steps to set up your payment preference:

1) Update your payment settings by clicking on Get Paid > Withdrawal Settings found at the top of your dashboard:

Get Paid Withdrawal Settings Info2) Enter your information into the required fields. If you do not consider your blog/YouTube channel as a business, please choose “Individual/Sole Proprietor” for your organization type.  If you are based outside of the United States and do not have an EIN/SNN, please enter your country’s equivalent. To find your country’s equivalent, please visit this link and search for your country. After entering your information, please press save.

step 23) The next screen will ask for your Withdrawal Settings. Please choose the method you would like to receive your commissions. The different methods include:

  • ACH: This option is free & recommended, but available for US affiliates ONLY. The funds will be deposited directly to your US bank account.
  • International Bank Transfer: This is a convenient option for international payments. There is a $50 processing incurred with the transfer and the amount must total over $100. This option is not available in all countries.
  • PayPal: This is a convenient option if you are not able to receive your payment via ACH. The minimum balance for a PayPal payment is $50. Please refer to Country & Currency under PayPal to find out if your country is eligible.
  • Check: Impact Radius can mail you a physical check with your payment amount. Please take into account the time for the check to arrive. This option incurs a $5 processing fee and the total must be over $50.

step 3Upon choosing your payment method, You will also be asked to select your Payment Scheduling. You have 2 options:

step 3-2a. Threshold (minimum balance of $50 depending on payment method) OR

b. Fixed Day (the 1st or 15th of the month)

Here is the difference between the two options:

Threshold: Choosing the Threshold option will be the quickest way to receive your commissions if you have earned over $50. The Threshold option will release the funds the next business day after the 5-day locking period is complete. Please review the Payment Day section below to learn more about the locking period.

Fixed Day: You can choose to set a date to receive your commissions (either the 1st or the 15th of the month). Since our locking does not occur until after the 5th business day of the month, if you select to be paid on the 1st, you will not receive your payments until the 1st of the NEXT MONTH.

4) After selecting your preferred Payment Type and Payment Scheduling, simply hit Save and your payment preferences will be updated!

Payment Day

Payment day will occur at the beginning of every month. A lock period will occur the 1st through the 5th business day of every month and commissions will be paid for the previous month once the lock period is complete.

A lock period is an allotment of time to allow for order processing and returns. Your monthly commissions will be tracked from the 1st day until the last day of the month. From business days 1-5, orders will be monitored for cancellations and returns.

After the 5th business day of the month, all orders will be locked and cannot be altered. Once the orders have locked, you will receive your affiliate payments for that month (depending on your payment preference).

If you would like to view the status of your payment, use the top navigation bar menu to go to Get Paid > Earnings. 

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Gift Certificates

We will no longer be able to process affiliate payments through Sigma Gift Certificates. We will still be able to provide Sigma Gift Certificate bonuses for those who qualify for the proper reward category. See our current Rewards Chart here.

How to Calculate Your Conversion Rate:

Your conversion rate is the number of sales you generate divided by your number of clicks. Below is the calculation and an example:


Let’s say in November you had 1 sale and 100 clicks. Your conversion rate would be:

1 SALE / 100 CLICKS = .01 x 100 = 1%

While there is no “standard” conversion rate, tracking your rate month to month is a great way to test your affiliate strategies.

We hope this post was informational and helps you understand our payment process a little better. Please email if you have any questions.

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