Product Launch Marketing

Besides special promotions, product launches are one of the best times to advertise your affiliate link. To help you take advantage of these opportunities, we’d like to share with you some helpful hints on product launch marketing:

• Follow the Sigma Affiliate Blog and @Sigma_Affiliate on Twitter to stay up-to-date on announcements and product previews. Make sure to pass any information on to your followers, as it is a great way to generate buzz about the upcoming product launch. Developing excitement and discussion is the first step in securing a sale!

• Once you hear of a product launch, it is important to release the specific product information to your followers. You can use any images from the Sigma Affiliate Blog and the Sigma website as long as you give credit to Sigma (simply include: Photo Credit: Include the need-to-know information with the images such as the product description, benefits and price.

• Always deep-link to the new product page and share any discount codes to give your followers a call to action!

• Remind your followers about the product launch via your social media channels throughout the first week of the launch. Make sure to link back to your original post so they can see the full details and click your affiliate link.

Stay informed through the Sigma Affiliate Blog! There will be plenty of opportunities to market new and exciting products this year! As always, you can always contact with any questions.

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