The Importance of Deep-Linking

One of the most effective affiliate strategies is to utilize deep-links. A deep-link is a hyperlink that leads to a specific page on a website other than the home page. For example, the generic Sigma Beauty link is, and the deep-link for the E25 brush is

We are going to show you how to use deep-links to improve your affiliate conversion rate and sales.

Generic links vs. Deep-links

Deep-links convert two times better than generic links! That means you can double your chance of generating a sale by simply using a deep-link instead of generic link. Studies show that problems associated with navigating a website can account for up to 25% of failed product purchases. When you bring your customers directly to the information they want, you are greatly increasing your chances of making a sale!

Creating Deep-links

It is very easy to create a deep-link leading to a specific product page using your affiliate link. Simply find the URL you would like to deep-link, and paste it into “Landing Page” on the Tracking Link Generator found on your account dashboard:

Deep Link

We have already created deep-links for our top selling products. You can find these by going to Ads and simply select “Text Link” from the “Ad Type” drop down menu. You can the search for the product you are looking to deep-link. Select “View Details” and copy the link from the pop-up screen. Copy the Tracking Link to add it as a link.


By leading your clients directly to the information they are looking for, you are doubling your chance of securing a sale. Creating a deep-link is quick, easy and extremely effective!

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